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Interaction Check your skills A Nenne einige Sportarten und Hobbies. Du kannst einige Sportarten und Hobbies benennen. B Berichte über deine Freizeitaktivitäten. Du kannst jetzt über deine Freizeitaktivitäten berichten. C Benenne die Teile des Körpers. Du kannst die Teile des Körpers benennen. D Nenne drei Erkrankungen und sprich über die Symptome. Du kannst jetzt über einige Erkrankungen und die dazugehörigen Symptome sprechen. E Wofür verwendet man das present continuous? Nenne einige signal words. Du weißt jetzt, wofür man das present continuous verwendet und kannst einige signal words dafür nennen. F Halte eine kurze Präsentation über einen Sport oder eine Freizeitaktivität. Du kannst eine gut strukturierte Präsentation halten. How can you make your presentation more exciting? Write down some ideas. 21 How to present like Steve Jobs Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, was one of the most exciting presenters in the world. Many people came when he presented a new Apple product. There are many reasons why his presentations were so excellent. 1. Start out with a bang. Start your presentation with something really exciting, like crazy facts: For example, if you are giving a presentation about the United States in Olympic Games you can say: “The USA has won over 2,200 medals at Olympic Summer Games, more than any other country.” Steve Jobs started out his presentations by saying things like: “We are going to change history today.” He also used great pictures and videos in his presentations. 2. Use exciting words. Use exciting words in your presentation. Steve Jobs always used words like amazing, great or incredible. You can talk about your sport or hobby by saying: “The most amazing thing about the Olympics is that they are more than 2,000 years old.” 3. Keep the listeners hooked. Make it exciting. Your presentation should be exciting from beginning to end. When introducing the Macbook Air, Steve Jobs took the MacBook out of a thin envelope and said: “This is the new MacBook Air and you can see just how thin it is.” Unit 3 · Sports and health 35 Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv