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Unit 4 Josh I remember my first day at school. I was very nervous. I went to school with my mum and dad. The school was much bigger than my kindergarten and I didn’t know any of the teachers. I was happy to see my friend Brian from kindergarten. . . . . 5 . . . . Sarah I remember how excited I was the day I got my first mobile phone. There was no camera and there were no games or apps. Last week I got a smartphone. I can listen to music on it, take pictures, chat or play games. Melanie I remember my first teacher. Her name was Ms Lee. She’s the best teacher I’ve ever had. She taught us how to read and write. She taught all the students to do their best and it was always fun to learn with her. Her lessons were exciting and fun. 10 . . . . 15 . . . . 20 . . . . 25 . . Starting out • your first day at kindergarten • your first day at school • your first teacher • your first kiss • your first film • your first mobile phone Say it like this: Do you remember … ? Then and now Read the texts about the first experiences. 2 Look at the pictures and discuss with your partner. 1 H 36 Yes, it was exciting/… . Yes, I was very nervous/… . No, I don’t remember that … . Ó worksheet 8g4j55 Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv