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Tick T (true), F (false) or N (not in the text). T F N 1 Josh was really nervous on his first day at school. 2 Josh felt happy when he saw his friend from kindergarten at school. 3 Sarah didn’t like her first mobile phone because it couldn’t take pictures. 4 Sarah’s first mobile phone was very expensive. 5 Melanie’s first teacher wasn’t fun. 6 Melanie liked learning with Ms Lee. Comparing then and now: Talk to your partner and describe the pictures. 3 4 H Look at the table below. Ask your parents what they used when they were your age. Then write sentences about life earlier (past simple) and life today (present simple). Workbook p. 19, ex. 1 Activity Earlier Today make a phone call only phones at home smartphones Earlier, there were only phones at home. Today there are smartphones. watch films video cassettes listen to music cassette players look for information lexicon take photos analogue camera communicate with others letters, fax machine 5 37 Unit 4 · Then and now Starting out Ask like this: Where are these people? What are they doing? What are they wearing? Answer like this: They are wearing … . I think they are … . 1974: young people dancing Today: young people at a rock concert Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv