kick off PTS, Coursebook

Die 7 Fachbereiche mit je einem Lehrberuf Unit 1 My profile Starting out My favourite things 6 Listening Daily routines 8 Language in use Possessive pronouns, Present simple 10 Reading Family life, Telling the time 12 Interaction Speaking 14 Unit 2 Jobs Starting out Jobs (advantages/disadvantages) 16 Listening Choosing a job 18 Language in use Present simple, Modal verbs 20 Reading America’s most dangerous jobs 22 Interaction A taster course 24 Unit 3 Sports and health Starting out Sports equipment and parts of the body 26 Listening At the doctor’s 28 Language in use Present continuous 30 Reading Extreme sports 32 Interaction Giving a presentation 34 Unit 4 Then and now Starting out Memories 36 Listening The history of everyday things 38 Language in use Past simple 40 Reading The history of trainers 42 Interaction Reading strategies 44 Unit 5 Success stories Starting out Success strategies 46 Listening The story of Jeff Bezos 48 Language in use Present perfect 50 Reading Jamie Oliver 52 Interaction Telephoning 54 Unit 6 Fit for the future Starting out Job advertisements 56 Listening Job interview 58 Language in use Future: will and going to 60 Reading Letter of application 62 Interaction Writing a CV 64 On the job Commerce/Office 66 Tourism 68 Health, beauty and social professions 70 Woodwork 72 Construction 74 Metalwork 76 Electricity 78 4 Content Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv