kick off PTS, Coursebook

Unit 7 Media and technology Starting out Technology survey 80 Listening The story of Facebook, Safer social networks 82 Language in use Mixed tenses 84 Reading Internet security 86 Interaction Internet research 88 Unit 8 Shopping Starting out Shops and clothes 90 Listening Shopping dialogues 92 Language in use Comparison, Some & any, Uncountable & countable nouns 94 Reading The story of your jeans, Money matters 96 Interaction Online shopping 98 Unit 9 Food Starting out The food pyramid 100 Listening At Crown’s restaurant, Setting the table 102 Language in use Modal verbs, Plural, Much – many – a lot of 104 Reading Eating habits 106 Interaction Role play: At the restaurant 108 Unit 10 Travelling Starting out Your dream holiday, At the airport 110 Listening Booking a holiday, At the hotel, A flight attendant 112 Language in use If-sentences 1 + 2, Allowed to 114 Reading Hostel reviews 116 Interaction Making an online reservation 118 Unit 11 A world language Starting out English as a world language 120 Listening Teenagers from different countries, A holiday in Canada 122 Language in use Prepositions, Giving directions 124 Reading New Zealand, Australia 126 Interaction Writing an email 128 Unit 12 Relationships Starting out Qualities of a good friend, Describing people 130 Listening Teens in trouble 1, The family 132 Language in use Modal verbs, Adjectives 134 Reading Teens in trouble 2, The six wives of Henry VIII 136 Interaction Making a date 138 Extras Vocabulary 140 Basic vocabulary 150 List of irregular verbs 156 Tenses summary 158 List of apprenticeships 159 Acknowledgements 160 5 Content Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv