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Reading Tick the correct answers. 1 Jamie Oliver was born a in the north of England. b in the southwest of England. c in the southeast of England. d in the south of England. 2 He first worked in a kitchen a at school. b in his parents’ pub. c in his own restaurant. d at college. 3 Jamie trained to be a cook a in London. b in New York. c in Paris. d in Vienna. 13 4 He was first on TV in a 1975. b 1987. c 1998. d 2001. 5 Jamie trained 15 … for his Fifteen restaurant in London. a successful young people b unemployed people c friends d homeless women 6 Jamie trained more young people a in Scotland. b in Ireland. c in New Zealand. d in Australia. Finish the statements about Jamie Oliver. Workbook p. 27, ex. 7, 8 Example: Then (past simple): Jamie first worked as a cook in 1992. Now (present simple): He works as a cook now. How long … ? (present perfect): He has worked as a cook since 1992. 1 Then: Jamie was first famous in 1998. Now: He famous now. How long … ? Jamie been famous 1998. 2 Then: Jamie wrote his first book in 1999. Now: He books now. How long … ? Jamie been writing books 1999. 3 Then: He had his first Fifteen restaurant in Cornwall in 2006. Now: He a Fifteen restaurant in Cornwall now. How long … ? Jamie had a Fifteen restaurant in Cornwall 2006. 4 Then: Jamie married Jools in 2000. Now: He married to Jools now. How long … ? He been married to Jools 2000. 14 53 Unit 5 · Success stories Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv