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Job A forwarding agent must … • organise transport services for companies. • choose and plan the right transport methods (rail, road, air, water). • choose and plan the transport routes. • do some office work. Forwarding agent On the job Commerce/Office Match the jobs with the definitions. 1 Apprenticeships • bank clerk • finance and accounting assistant • forwarding agent • industrial clerk • office assistant (office worker) • retail trader (shop assistant) • store logistics expert • wholesale trader Additional subjects at school • applied informatics • business administration • accounting and business mathematics • specialised knowledge • specialised training Advantages • You get to know a lot of interesting people. • You have a five-day-week. • You have good wages. • You have good chances of promotion. Requirements A forwarding agent should … • have telephone skills. • be good at geography. • have a basic knowledge of English. • have basic computer skills. Disadvantages • You have to sit a lot. • You have to phone a lot. • The truck drivers can be difficult. • You have to deal with stress. 1 A forwarding agent 2 An industrial clerk 3 A bank clerk 4 An office worker 5 A finance and accounting assistant 6 A wholesaler trader 7 A shop assistant 8 A store logistics expert works in the office of an industrial company. types emails and makes phone calls in an office. works in a warehouse and distributes goods. sells goods in a shop. 1 works in a forwarding agency. sells goods to retail shops. works in a bank. keeps the financial records of a company. 66 Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv