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Fitness instructor On the job Health, beauty and social professions Match the jobs with the definitions. 1 Apprenticeships • beautician • chemist • fitness trainer • florist • hairdresser • masseur/masseuse • optician • pedicurist Additional subjects at school • applied informatics • business administration • accounting and business mathematics • specialised knowledge • specialised training 1 A fitness instructor 2 A masseur/masseuse 3 A beautician 4 A hairdresser 5 A chemist 6 A florist 7 A pedicurist 8 An optician gives massages to people. sells medicine in a chemist’s shop. looks after people’s feet. washes and cuts people’s hair. makes and sells glasses. 1 helps customers in a fitness club. works with flowers and plants. helps people with their skin problems. Advantages • You can meet interesting people. • You can set up your own business. • You have varied work. • It’s exciting. Requirements A fitness instructor should … • have a good physical condition. • be interested in contact with people. • have good manners. • be interested in sports. Disadvantages • You have to work at weekends. • You have to work in the evenings. • You can meet difficult customers. • There are not so many jobs available. Job A fitness instructor must … • create training programmes for customers. • service the exercise machines. • make appointments. • do some office work. 70 Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv