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Listening Listen to the dialogues and complete the table with the information from the box. 6 20–23Ó listening ty55zb 1 The shop assistant tells Mario to a try the jeans on. b buy smaller jeans. c leave the boutique. 2 Bianca tells the shop assistant to a change the skirt for a smaller one. b have a nice day. c keep the change. 3 Oliver’s mother bought a him a sweater last Monday. b him a T-shirt last Monday. c T-shirts and sweaters for her son. 4 The shop assistant tells Oliver that a the sweaters only come in brown. b the sweaters are sold out. c this size fits perfectly. 5 Julia wants to a know where the fitting room is. b buy black and white boots. c try the boots on. 6 The brown boots are a cheaper than the black ones. b as expensive as the black ones. c more expensive than the black ones. Mario Bianca Oliver Julia What? jeans Colour? Size? Price? black size 8 £ 22,70 T-shirt size 5 ½ yellow black £ 64 boots – skirt white size 32 jeans size XL £ 14,90 Listen again and tick the correct answers. 7 20–23Ó listening ty55zb Dialogue 1: Mario Dialogue 2: Bianca Dialogue 3: Oliver Dialogue 4: Julia 92 Unit 8 · Shopping Ó worksheet tv8zp6 Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv