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• Can I help you? • I’d like a/some … . • Have you got a/any … ? • What can I do for you? • Where’s the fitting room? • I’m sorry, it’s/they’re sold out. • Anything else? • Have you got a bigger/smaller one? • I think you need size … . • That’ll be … . • What size are you? • I’m just looking, thank you. • What colour? • Can I try it/them on? • How much is/are … ? • I’ll take it/them. • Here’s your change. • I’m looking for a/some … . • Keep the rest. • Try this/these on. What does a shop assistant say? What does a customer say? Put the phrases into the table. Workbook, p. 40, ex. 4 Shop assistant Customer Can I help you? 8 Complete the dialogue with phrases from above. Then act it out with a partner. Workbook, p. 40, ex. 5 9 H Shop assistant: Customer: Can I have a look at those shirts? Shop assistant: Yes, of course. Customer: I like the blue one. Can I try it on? Shop assistant: Certainly. Customer: Size 8, I think. Shop assistant: Then you need a smaller one. (Customer tries on the shirt) Customer: It’s too small. Shop assistant: Of course, this one is size 10. Customer: Shop assistant: 24 pounds. Customer: OK. 93 Unit 8 · Shopping Listening Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv