way2go! Kompetenztraining Writing & Language in Use B1

10 B1 | 5. Klasse | Unit 02: Me time Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the box. arrive be (3x) collapse giggle happen look make offend point put suggest tell think work Past simple – past continuous When Shirin (1) at the studio, all the students (2) amazing sculptures. The teacher (3) all the sculptures in a cupboard when Shirin’s flamingo (4) . When the teacher (5) over her shoulder, all the students (6) and they (7) at Shirin’s worktable. Past simple – past perfect The teacher (8) that Shirin should make something simple because she (9) (not) with clay before. The students (10) the teacher what (11) to Shirin’s sculpture. The teacher (12) upset because she (13) that she (14) Shirin. Shirin (15) (not) upset because making a flamingo (16) a dumb idea. LANGUAGE 4 Anna Hi guys, what are you all doing? I’m reading the book for German class, but I’m bored. Julie I (1) around, but there isn’t anything good on TV. Steve I (3) popcorn. My favourite game show is about to start! Mary I (2) the piano. Ugh! This piece is really difficult. I’m afraid that the neighbours will complain about the noise soon. Jack I (4) my homework. Go away and let me work. Present simple and present continuous It’s a rainy Saturday afternoon. Anna is bored and wants to find out what her friends are up to. Complete the group chat. LANGUAGE 5 a Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv