way2go! Kompetenztraining Writing & Language in Use B1

11 B1 | 5. Klasse | Unit 02: Me time Prepositions (1) the picture, there are two children – a boy and a girl – who are making pottery. The children are sitting (2) each other. The boy is (3) the foreground and the girl is (4) the background. There are pots of paint and paintbrushes (5) the table (6) the children. Verb forms Both children (7) aprons. The girl (8) her paintbrush in a pot with blue paint. The boy (9) something he has made. Interpreting the picture The children (10) serious and focused on their work. (11) they are in an art lesson, or they (12) at an after-school club. They are in a light, airy room – it (13) a studio. There is something on the table in front of the boy. It (14) be a cup. This Saturday is different. Everybody’s stuck indoors because of the rain. What do Anna’s friends usually do on Saturdays when the weather is nice? Complete the sentences. Today, Julie is just zapping around, but when the weather is nice, she (1) beach volleyball in the park. Today, Mary is practising the piano, but when it’s not raining, she (2) her bike to her friend’s house. Steve is watching a game show, but usually he (3) his friends in the park. Today, Jack is doing his homework, but on sunny Saturdays … well, actually, he often (4) his homework on nice, sunny Saturdays, too! Describing a picture Look at the picture, then fill in the missing words in the descriptions below. b LANGUAGE 6 Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv