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12 B1 | 5. Klasse | Unit 02: Me time Suffixes Complete the sentences. Use suffixes to change the words given. creative dirt happy kind nature person popular real sun type 1 Creating art brings creative people great . 2 Shirin is good at art, and she is very proud of her . 3 Shirin imagined an elegant flamingo, but in , her sculpture looked more like a frog. 4 It is of Shirin to just laugh about the flamingo disaster. She has such a ! 5 Shirin was grateful for the teacher’s when she suggested turning the flamingo disaster into a class project. 6 You should not join the pottery club if you are afraid to get your hands . 7 It’s only to feel embarrassed when everybody is looking at your artwork in class. 8 I don’t understand the of after-school clubs. I’d rather spend my free time by myself. LANGUAGE 7 a Vocabulary study tip When you study new words, use suffixes to change words and expand your vocabulary. Sort the words from 7a into this table. Then use suffixes to make new words out of the words in the box and add them to the table as well. Use a dictionary if you need help. dark fault (2 options) function (2 options) ill luck mental person (2 options) speed usable b -y -ity -al -ness happiness Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv