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13 Working on a blog comment Read the blog post from the blog School life. There are some words in paragraphs (B) and (C) that don’t make sense. They are all about schools. Find them and replace them with the expressions in the box. attend compulsory curriculum day school extracurricular private school uniform WRITING 1 a MeenaR Who cares where the royal children go to school? (A) Have you seen the articles about the children of the royal family returning to school in their cute school uniforms? I have, and I am fed up with all the fuss. I don’t understand how anyone can be excited about this. (B) The articles that I’ve read say that their posh state school was chosen very carefully. They go to a boarding school in London, and their parents take them to school every day. They follow the same national programme and study the same elective subjects as all the other kids in England, but they can enjoy many other subject activities as well, for example, judo, gardening, ballet and a debating and public speaking club. (Yes, this is a school for six- to thirteen-year-olds.) The buildings look a bit old, but I think the teaching methods are really modern, with lots of laboratories and a rooftop playground. The food is amazing as well because the children get organic snacks and lunches. In short, this sounds like an ideal place for young people. (But maybe only to parents?) (C) In my opinion, every child should be able to go to a great school. Unfortunately, only very few people can afford to send their children to such a fancy place. The children who visit all come from rich families and often have famous parents because it is very expensive. It costs about £20,000 a year, and pupils (or parents) have to buy the special dress, which costs £550. These prices are ridiculous! (D) A good education in a great building, interesting subjects and good food during the school day should be available to everyone in England. Instead of reading about the perfect school two very rich kids go to, we should think about improving the whole system. Do you have any ideas? What is your school like? Share what you think in the comments. In a blog post, the writer often talks directly to the readers. Underline the sentences where this is the case in paragraphs (A) and (D). b Unit 03 Learning and teaching Key Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv