way2go! Kompetenztraining Writing & Language in Use B1

14 B1 | 5. Klasse | Unit 03: Learning and teaching Which of the following statements about blog posts are true (T), which are false (F)? T F 1 There is usually a lot of slang in a blog. 2 You can use contractions in a blog post. 3 A blog can be about any topic, as long as it is interesting to read. 4 A blog post is a kind of letter to a group of friends. 5 Only official experts can write blogs. 6 You can’t comment on a blog post unless you are friends with the blogger. 7 A blog post should be well written so that it is interesting for the readers. 8 You can only read a blog if the blogger invites you to join their mailing list. Study the two comments on MeenaR’s blog post. The sentences are jumbled. Write them in the boxes in the correct order following the PEEL structure (Point – Example – Explanation – Link). Rita’s comment: a This is why I think a greater variety of electives should be offered at every school. b For example, a student who is really good at science can take an extra physics course. If you ask me, this is great preparation for work or university. c These subjects, which the students can choose for themselves, allow them to develop their interests and talents and to learn skills they can use in later life. d There should be more electives in our school system. 2 3 Writing tip Your texts are more interesting for the reader if you don’t use the same expressions all the time, e.g. I think, when you write about your opinion on a topic. This is why it is important to study and remember different ways of expressing the same idea. Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv