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4 Working on an informal email Study the prompt (= the instructions) for writing an informal email below, then read the email Anna has written based on the prompt. Which of the bullet points does her email not address? WRITING 1 Last year there was an exchange student from Finland in your class. You got along with her really well and have been in contact by email. In her last email she told you that she started a new school and has already made a new friend, Sarina. Write her an email. You should: say that you are happy that she has a new friend compare the friend to her and say how different they are tell her how you miss her and the things you did together Writing tip A prompt for a writing task usually includes three bullet points. Always read the prompt carefully, it tells you exactly what to write about! Hi Shirin, I am referring to your email from last week. Good to hear that you have already made a friend at your new school. Sarina sounds great! Let me tell you about my best friend, Julie. I think Julie and Sarina share many similar qualities, actually. Like Sarina, Julie cares about other people and doesn’t become angry or upset about anything. She doesn’t get annoyed about unimportant things, and that’s why I like hanging out with her. Also, I know I can trust her because she never tells people things I told her in confidence, and she is not the type who talks about people’s private lives behind their backs. Julie is a great friend, but I really miss you. Do you remember Angelo’s, our favourite ice cream shop? I always get sad when I go there without you. And we always had so much fun at the cinema. What a shame that we can’t watch this year’s new films together. But I don’t really have much time to go to the cinema anyway because I have choir practice three times a week. I love going there, and some of my friends are in the choir, too. We’re practising for our big summer concert, and we’re all quite nervous already. Our teacher says that it will all go well. Fingers crossed! Finally, I would like to inquire about your progress at your new school. I look forward to your response. Kind regards, Anna anna_l@schoolmail.org shirin@openmail.com Re: News from me From: To: Subject: Unit 01 Old friends and new friends Key Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv