way2go! Kompetenztraining Writing & Language in Use B1

5 B1 | 5. Klasse | Unit 01: Old friends and new friends There are some sentences that do not fit in Anna’s email. Why? Cross them out and replace them with these sentences: a Hugs, b Thanks for your email! c I don’t have time to write more now, but I’ll send you another email soon. Take care! Talking about friends Find the phrases in Anna’s email that have the same meaning as these expressions: 1 to have sth. in common: 2 to be kind: 3 to be patient: 4 to make a fuss: 5 to keep a secret: 6 to gossip: 2 a b LANGUAGE 3 Working on an informal email Read the email below. Some things are missing. Use the email on page 4 and the sentences in 2b to help you improve this email. You should add a subject (1), a salutation (2), a starter sentence in which you ask Lorenz how he is doing (3), an introductory sentence in which you tell Lorenz what your email is about (4), and a sign-off (5). WRITING 4 Writing tip Your texts become more interesting for your reader when you include examples. This unit is about writing informal emails. Informal emails are emails you write to somebody you are close to, for example, a friend or a family member. The exercises in this unit are practice for writing your own informal emails. All (complete) sample texts and the key for every exercise can be downloaded via the internet. Either go to www.oebv.at and type in the code 2jt2s5 (for B1) / 2iw5ux (for B1+) or use your smartphone and install our QuickMedia app. To do this, scan the QR code on the inside front cover and download the app. Then scan the cover of this practice book. To access a file, scan the page or select the file from the list of files shown in the app. (2) , (3) ? (4) My best friend is Nora, and she is very kind and patient. I like hanging out with her because she never makes a fuss. I know I can trust her because she can keep a secret. And she never gossips about people. (5) , Pete p.miller@whcambridge.uk lorenz.lauer@edu.pgg.at (1) From: To: Subject: Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv