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Job A system catering specialist must … • prepare food from semi-finished products. • take orders. • hand out and serve food and drinks. • collect payments. System catering specialist On the job Tourism Match the jobs with the definitions. 1 Apprenticeships • company service assistant • cook • gastronomy specialist • hotel and hospitality specialist (receptionist) • restaurant specialist (waiter/waitress) • sports administrator • system catering specialist • travel agency assistant (travel agent) Advantages • There are a lot of jobs. • You can get extra money from tips. • You can work in a young team. • You have good chances of promotion. Requirements A system catering specialist should … • speak foreign languages. • be good at organising things. • be a team player. • be open to new trends. Disadvantages • You have to work under pressure. • You have to stand a lot. • You have to work at weekends. • You have to work hard. 1 A system catering specialist 2 A cook 3 A travel agent 4 A company service assistant 5 A waiter/waitress 6 A receptionist 7 A sports administrator 8 A gastronomy specialist organises people’s holidays. manages everything in a hostel or boarding school. serves food and drinks in a restaurant. prepares meals in a restaurant. works in the kitchen and serves guests in a restaurant. 1 works in fast food-restaurants and self-service restaurants. works in the back office and at the reception desk. plans and organises sports events. Additional subjects at school • applied informatics • business administration • accounting and business mathematics • specialised knowledge • specialised training • applied foreign language communication 68 Nur zu Prüfzwecken – Eigentum des Verlags öbv